Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us." ~ Iris Murdoch

blood red dahlia


stargazer lily

i stumbled on this quote via "internet trail of crumbs" as i like to call it. internet trail of crumbs: (n) when you sort of leap frog from one website to another and find something interesting there so then you wikipedia it and then find a link through wikipedia and off of that link you find another interesting thing. it's really very fun, i play internet trail of crumbs every single day and it always amazes me what little treasures i find. this particular trail looked a little something like this:

Bleubird Vintage ---> books, paper, scissors ---> Iris Murdoch wikipedia page --> Iris Murdoch quotes

i recommend visiting all of those sites, particularly "books, paper, scissors" which is a site i could quite literally spend whole days on just soaking in the illustrations like sunlight. speaking of soaking in sunlight, do you like my pictures of flowers? a few are taken from the Philadelphia Flower Show that i went to in March, one is from the terrain booth at the Devon Horseshow and the last one is of a hanging flower in St. Croix. for some reason flowers always remind me of my mom and my nana. i think it's because my mom loves and my nana loved to grow flowers, to tend to them and to foster their little development - however short their lives were. to mom and nana it didn't matter how long the flower bloomed but rather how beautifully. before my nana's stroke, she dutifully tended to her small house plants which she would call "the infirmary." my nana grew and tended to nature the way she tended to her daughters, to her grandchildren, to strangers, to each and every soul she touched - with consistent waterings of kindness and beams of fierce love warmer than sunlight. she was also hilarious, my nana. i realize everyone thinks their grandmothers are special, but mine was truly an examplary woman who i think of daily especially when i see flowers.

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