Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Links I Love

Andrew Wyeth

Looking out, looking in: an exhibit on Andrew Wyeth's windows

Reading this book right now and feeling exactly what the title says

Coffee, books, rain. I'd add this to my Christmas list if I had one

Cailee Rae's voice is smoky and sweet just like Tennessee honey whiskey

19 all natural remedies for anxiety. Somehow this chocolate didn't make the cut?

Secret skincare tips from Scandinavian women (mine is coconut oil!)

I think I enjoy just about everything from Everlane's new arrivals

Free people shoes are music to my eyes. That's a Kandinsky reference. (:

My new favorite song right now (as I take a brief respite from T.Swift's 1989)

Just a dog. In a bear costume. Walking on a treadmill. Looks like an ewok, no?