Friday, June 24, 2011

All I Need's a Greaser, a Hula Hoop and a Coonskin Cap

(play music while scrolling through the pictures!)

tiger lily

red hot poker/johnny rocket

Dress: Bad Girl Vintage, Shoes: Charles David leather/wooden platforms

ummm how cool is this two piece 50's dress? i got it from Bad Girl Vintage's Etsy Shop. i mentioned to a co-worker in passing that i liked vintage clothing and she told me about Linda Wink's Bad Girl Vintage store in Willow Grove. i haven't been able to get to the store yet but i did spend about an entire day going through Linda's Etsy shop practically drooling with puppy dog, googely-eyes the entire time . when i saw this dress, i knew right away that it was for me. the dress came a few days after i ordered it (for a very, very good price of $75.00 with free shipping!) the dress is in near perfect condition with no weird smells or anything. the fabric is breezy and comfortable but also quite delicate especially around the metal zippers (which lets you know it is authentically 50's.) please excuse the many recurring photos of my backside but i kept saying to my mom (and dad) who were taking the photos, "didya get one of the cute bow in the back?!?! didya didya?!?!" also please excuse the many recurring pictures of the side angle of my face. i'm really going to need to start working on my glamazon model techniques if i keep doing more of these outfit pics.

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