Friday, July 1, 2011

Movin' Out!

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 ever since i was a young thang, i always dreamed of having my own little apartment. for some reason, i always imagined it looking a lot like a white wooden, rustic garden cottage with wild sunflowers and daisies growing through the window and exposed brick walls. but this garden apartment would also somehow be magically in the middle of a small city. but very calm and quiet. with a pizza shop nearby. well, the time has finally arrived and i meet this new chapter of my life with a mixture of fear (bills?!?!) and great pride. i'm so excited to be moving in with Aly. to give you a snapshot of how great Aly is let me just explain yesterday (move-in Day #1) to you:

Aly and i on the floor of our empty, HOT! (we were too afraid to turn on the AC yet...) apartment with our one ikea purchase -a chalkboard. obviously this is very essential. we don't have anywhere to sit yet but we have a place to write... hmm is that not symbolic of an apartment of two bloggers or what?! anyway so we open up the chalkboard only to realize that *gasp* it requires assembly. we are pretty cute huh? we actually assumed that ikea would have already put our chalkboard together. but fear not, it was roommate challenge #1 and we passed with flying colors. Aly jumped in right away without hesitation, began reading the directions, matching the parts with the pictures and taking the reigns with confidence while i stared dumbly at her. (i found the chalk though, woohoo!) after some confusion over screw lengths and positioning we realized that ikea furniture is actually impossible to assemble alone because one person needs to hold the thing together while the other person uses that small Z shaped thing to wind the screws into place. once finished, Aly let me do the honors of writing "Welcome Home" on our newly assembled chalkboard. see how cool she is? she's a smart, fearless, thoughtful, can-do kind of gal. it just doesn't get much better than that.

oh and the reason why i included photos of outdoor spaces is because our apartment HAS A DECK! a quite spacious deck too actually - more than half the size of our bedrooms. we can't wait to decorate it with twinkly lights, a grille, patio furniture, plants and herbs.

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Aly Debbas said...

so cute!!!!!! i'm currrently sitting in the middle of our living room. on the carpet... wishing we had a deck full of furniture and twinkley lights!