Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Wishlist

REVO RE4051 Grand Classic from the sunglass hut

Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise perfume

aloe plant for my bathroom (photo courtesy

Since it was just Christmas in July (merry merry, ya'll!) I figuired another July wishlist was in order. I am currently lusting over these blue lens sunglasses, similar to the ones on Blake Lively here. They remind me of Avatar and anything that reminds me of Avatar is instantly COOL, right?? Even though some could argue that they make one look like a black fly (I can see it,) I still think that they are the bee's knees right now. And if I had $200 big ones to spend I'd definitely buy them. Alas, I can't really with a clean conscience spend that much on sunglasses when I almost always sit on them, lose them or inadvertantly and indefinitely "lend" them to someone else also known as sunglass snatching (come on, you know we have all accidentally done that one time or another when someone left their sunnies at our house...)

As for the Jo Malone Anise (anise is the herb that gives licorice its distinct flavor) & Vanilla perfume, this is something I could fork over $50 on mainly because I live by the French motto that "a woman knows there is nothing a good haircut and a good perfume can't fix." Or something like that. I found out about this perfume while shopping at the grocery store. While walking through the produce aisle, I caught an arrestingly subtle but alluring scent in my sniffer that literally stopped me in my tracks. Where was that hauntingly sweet and delicate scent coming from? I sniffed around the peaches, the plums... ah-ha! the cherries... but no.... the scent was nowhere to be found. Again walking through the freezer section I caught the smell again only to realize it was not food but a woman who had also walked by me at the produce section. When I passed her a third time near prepared goods and wanted to eat her more than the carrot ginger soup I realized that I should probably ask her what she was wearing. When she told me it was Jo Malone Anise & Vanilla, the entire world made sense to me again. ANISE!!!!!!! As a perfume? Genius. The woman told me it's the only perfume she wears because you can only smell it as a wafting scent as you walk by - it's not one of those intense, knock-you-over-the-head, floral perfumes that remind you of your grandmother's throw pillows. It was less of a scent and more of an experience. And the coolest thing is that no matter how hard I try I can't summon the scent back into my nose - I'll have to go out to Neiman Marcus every day and smell it, or just buy it. It sort of reminds me of how Napoleon's wife only wore the scent of violets. Apparently the smell of violets is the only scent that the brain can't remember so you have to go back to it and smell it again and again because you can never remember it (was she a smart lady who knew how to bring her man back or what??)

Lastly, I really want an aloe plant for my bathroom. I have a growing collection of plants and aloe seems suitable because it would serve two purposes - first, I think plants as decorations are aesthetically pleasing (and not to mention good for cleaning the air of toxins) and second because I can use the aloe leaves to moisturize my skin every night! Now, where to find an organic aloe plant....

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