Friday, May 11, 2012

Rainbow Sherbert

Jacket & Shorts: c/o Zara
Gerbera Daisies: c/o Mother Nature

When my siblings and I were little, our parents would take us out for icecream every once in a while after dinner on the weekend. The place we went to was fun because half of the store was a Baskin Robbins (or 31 flavors as we used to call it) and the other half was... wait for it... a movie rental store. Can you imagine a better Friday night hotspot for a gradeschooler? They might as well have had a pizza place in there. And a Nickelodeon "All That" marathon running on a giant projector screen. Sadly, what was once the childhood utopia of my youth is now a Mattress Giant. *le sigh*

I bring this up because the colors of the coral tweed zara blazer and pink shorts (and the two gerbera daisies I found next to my sister's apartment building) remind me of what I always ordered at Baskin Robbins: rainbow sherbert in a cup - or sugarcone - with rainbow sprinkles. I was never a huge fan of dairy as a kid, and when I chose sweets I always opted for the tangy, sour, citrus flavored ones (such as giant sweet tarts, sour patch kids or nerds.) These days, however, my tongue never meets a sweet it doesn't like - or Italian word for that matter. 

Last night my friend Katie and I went on an icecream date to Baskin Robbins. And guess what I ordered?

 delizioso !

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