Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Difficult & Awesome

Meg. Some 34-year-old pitcher. Me
^just kidding^
(that's my um 21-year-old baseball star brother...?!)
Purple & white flowers
A special cake for a special lady
A fallen peach balloon
A perfect pair

Some weekends are extremely difficult and extremely awesome all at once. And sometimes the difficult and awesome moments can be the same thing. They can happen within seconds of one another. Sometimes all it takes is a moment to shift your perception.  To re-frame the situation with new eyes. Or as Gabrielle Bernstein (the Spirit Junkie) says,

 "It's the moment you choose to perceive your life with love. It's the moment you choose to forgive someone. It's the moment you choose to shift your mind and therefore change your experience. And when your experience changes, a miraculous outcome occurs."

It's the moment you choose honesty and openness over shutting down. When you choose connecting over competing. When you choose love over fear. When you choose acceptance over judgement, feeling over numbing out, gentle discovery over slapping a hear-no-evil-see-no-evil blindfold on your face. When you choose warm compassion over frozen rigidity, When you get out of your head and into your heart. A moment of total vulnerability and emotional nakedness.

What I've found: honesty is a valiant act of courage and love. Honesty is an offering, a hand outstretched to another in love. It is difficult and awesome and it makes you a fucking diva

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