Wednesday, May 2, 2012


No, I am not referring to Petunia Dursley. Although, some could argue she is just as dark and fascinating ;)

I am referring to this black velvet rarity that I found at the farmer's market on Saturday. While surveying the rows of mouth-watering bubblegum pink and lemon yellow tulips, my eyes landed on a small pot of these and drank in all of their sexy-seductive-inky-stellar-cosmic majesty. I couldn't peel my eyes away from them. Something about delicate trumpet petals coated in silky, dark, midnight black made my eyes scream "YES!"

I may also be referring to two other petunias (who too have their own sexy-seductive-inky-stellar-cosmic majesty, *cough* steph and emily *cough*) with whom I got to spend Friday night attending the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Court of Dreams Annual Benefit auction/dinner. It was a really cool event that showcased all of the awesomely radical stuff the foundation does for kids. I think that any organization that supports healthy movement, provides motivation and inspires kids towards a goal is fantastic.

On our way out, a little girl in a fluorescent neon colored tutu handed us goodie bags. I told her how much I loved her tutu, and she batted her little downcast eyes to the right and peeped out a shy "thank you." I realized she had probably been hearing that all night and after reading this article, I figuired I would engage her in another way that didn't involve what she looked like or what she was wearing. Instead, I asked her whether or not she played tennis. Her eyes lit up like a christmas tree and her whole body became animated, "Yes!" she exclaimed. I asked her if she liked playing tennis and I told her she could probably beat me since every time I play tennis I get hit in the nose. (Mostly true.) I gave her a high-five and told her "That is so cool! Good for you!" With hope, our brief encounter will instill in both her (and myself) that what she does and who she is, is way more important than what she looks like or what she is wearing.

Here's to all of the beautiful petunias out there: deep, bold, different... and yet also soft and delicate. It's a truly dynamite and powerful combination.

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