Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her

Hang these felt hearts around her bedroom

Bring her breakfast in bed: warm coffee, peppery scrambled eggs & buttered toast

Place a bouquet of red roses and white orchids in her bathroom

Hand her this little Love anklet and these Jcrew pumps (in wild berry)

Send a bouqet of her favorite flowers to her at work

And of course, finish off the night with dinner out and some special lingerie

This past weekend at my friend and her boyfriend's party, I was talking to a guy who wanted my opinion about what to do for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. She lives in New York and he lives in Philly and so far he had planned to send a dozen roses to her office, surprise her by driving up to New York to take her out to dinner and give her 2 tickets for a hot air balloon ride with champagne. I told him he had pretty much nailed it, but that I would give it some extra thought. And since Valentine's Day is also her birthday, I decided to put this little list together. So, Steve, this is for you.

*Psst, girls, we don't have to wait for a guy to get any of these things for us... we can always do these things for ourselves ;)


Molly Mullen said...

where is that ankle bracelet from? I want.

Courtney said...

I hyperlinked "Love anklet" (and all of the other things) to the website where you can buy it!

But here's the link in case it didn't work...