Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Organic farmer > NFL quarterback

Even an 11 year old can understand why genetically modified food, CAFOs and processed foods made with preservatives and stabilizers from genetically modified corn are no good for us. Yes, that's why in the European Union it's THE LAW that companies spell out specifically if they use genetically modified foods. And that's why those companies fail/don't exist - because no one, if given the information and choice, would want to put into their bodies the product of weird science and something that's totally against nature. Now, if only our policy makers and elected officials could grow a pair, flip the bird at the multinational corporations who profit from genetic engineering, and tell the pharmaceutical corporations who profit from us getting sick to back the %$#@ off... I might have an inch of faith in our political system.

In case this sounds like Chinese to you, I would highly suggest reading this article by a man named Dr. Mercola who has studied extensively on the topic of health and our government.

P.S. - unless it's local or USDA certified organic it has probably been genetically modified in some way. Eat the foods on the perimeters of the grocery aisle (also known as the foods that look like they came from the ground.) And whenever possible, buy organic.

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