Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kony 2012

In 2006, when I was in highschool and president of Students for Justice, we gave a special assembly to the whole school on the issue of the 'Invisible Children' situation in Uganda. I gave a speech about how - at the time - the most important news of the day was Nick and Jessica splitting up. But that the actual important stuff, like thousands and thousands of innocent children (as young as 5 years old and younger) that were being forced into sex slavery and fed into militia armies and given machine guns bigger than their whole bodies, were not on our magazine covers, on our TV news or on our radar at all. We challenged the student body to help change that. We worked with Amnesty International and had over 400 letters signed and sent to the representative of Pennsylvania alerting him of the situation and pleading with him to help. Six years later and the man behind these heinous acts is still free and unscathed, roaming Africa and ordering more children into a living hell. Our job isn't done until this man is found and brought to justice. So, why should you watch this video? Why should you get involved in this cause? Why should you write to your representative?

Because democracy is not a spectator sport

Because 20 years from now,
when your kids are in history class learning about this they will say to you 
"but, why didn't you do anything?"  

Because we learned from history

Because we learned from the Holocaust

Because we are connected

Becuase we care

Because we can

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