Sunday, May 22, 2011

American Sundays

Shirt (thrifted), Sweater (H&M, old), Skirt ($26.80, Body Central), Bag (Jcrew, old), Shoes (See By Chloe via anthropologie), Earrings (thrifted)

salute your shorts...

my brother told me this picture looked creepy... i like it

crouching tiger, hidden dragon pic that my mom insisted I put up

don't i look so nantucket in these pictures? little do you know they are actually taken in front of my house in Pennsylvania by my mom. which is pretty lucky for me because we live on a quiet street and don't get many people driving by...

i found this polka-dot Ann Taylor silk shirt from a thrift store in Philly and got it for... wait for it... $3 dollars!!!!!!!!!!  can you believe that, people?? $3 dollars and it is in perfect condition.

the thrifted earrings were given to me by my mom's friend, Janet, who is a MASTER at thrifting. i'm not kidding you, she is unreal. i hope to feature her and her ebay account on here in the near future. she has such a talented eye, i can't wait for you to see her treasures.

the SeeByChloe shoes (via anthropologie) were kind of expensive but that's the great thing about style... when you mix expensive pieces with cheaper ones you can afford to play around. 

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