Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I'm Starting a New Blog...

Called, "Lemurs are People Too." Will you read it? Here's a sneak preview... 

"Ugh, shoot. Why does it always go to FaceTime?"

"I am the King... of this rope." Prince Joffrey the Lemur

"No, please, go on. The story behind your wedding invitations is riveting."

"just me. in a tree! #nofilter #selfiesunday"

"Orange you glad my eyes are so cool? #selfiesunday" 

"Trust me. I saw this on Dancing with the Stars once."

"Just sitting here, watching my breath and contemplating my existence."

"OMG. Monday. FML"


"This is how much I care about your racquet club membership - this much percent." 

"I'm on this all green salad diet now. Like Gwyneth Paltrow."

"Did you seriously just call me 'sweetheart'? I am like 2 years younger than you."

"Yoga makes me feel at one with my body. Look at these hands. THESE HANDS!"

"Wait. Did I just 'reply all' to that?"

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