Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stories, Storms & Speakeasies

Story-telling at Lucas' party
Toes in the leaves !
Cousins <3
Homemade meatballs (Rao's recipe)

Words of wisdom
"We see much turbulence when we are seated in the eye of the storm"

Homemade arugala, mozzarella, artichoke & tomato pizza 
Bridget and I at Andrew & Jessica's wedding !
Speakin' easy at the speakeasy (;

The "Words of Wisdom" in the first picture is quite apropos at the moment as we happened to have just survived a nor'easter-hurricaine-frankenstorm or "apocalypse" if you ask my dad was busy for 3 days straight preparing our house for the end of days. (I told my brother and sister that if the world should end in December 2012, as the Mayan calendar has predicted, I just wanted them to know that our dad is ready.) Unfortunately Sandy was not as much of a tease as Irene (remember this post?), and her bark was actually as big as her bite this time. Thankfully our home house was not hit too bad, but Nana's dock was a bit shaken.  I hope everyone weathered the storm unscathed!

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