Thursday, October 4, 2012

If You Asked My iPhone, It Would Tell You That...

Halloween oreos are yum (with 5 Boo-rific shapes!)
This is what Alina looks like while learning how to walk...
(she falls down and then lounges in the sun like meant to do it because wouldn't you know that lying in the grass in the sun is much more fun after falling down?)
Moving like Jagger on the dance floor isn't as easy as it sounds
My favorite candy... wrapped in dental floss. Ironic.
In the presidents' room at the Union League there are alot of Dubya's
My paintings of the two lyrical masters were finally framed & hung

Billy Shakespeare's words are as appropriate today as they were in Elizabethan times
Dragonfruit is the most gorgeous color magenta on the inside
I have some really beautiful (inside and out) friends

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