Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ce Que Mon iPhone Voit (What My iPhone Sees)

Picture from my favorite childhood book "Gwendolyn the Miracle Hen"
Me and some guy who looks like Bradley Cooper (...so they say)
Anemones outside of our house (not to be confused with sea anemones, where Nemo lives...ok, ok, kid, don't hurt yourself)
Currants and blueberries with yogurt
Insane grilled smoked shrimp from Barbuzzo
Paper flower window display at Anthropologie Rittenhouse Square

P.S. - does anyone know if the "i" in iPhone stands for intelligent? As in an intelligent (smart) phone? Let's add that to the Question Book of Life which has been an ongoing writing project in the back corner of my mind since roughly the time that I was like, eh, conceived. Also in there, is hair actually dry under water?  I plan to present my Question Book of Life to whomever maybe standing there at the pearly gates when I flutter in (Dumbledore? Morgan Freeman? Yoda?) and saying, sweetly, "So if I can't get in there right away, do you mind if I work with someone on these questions as a research project in the meantime? I'm really good with excel."

And then I think to myself, maybe there are some things in life we are not supposed to know in this time period; because the mystery is somehow humbling and humanizing and grounding.

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