Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend Bits

Light-up Halloween necklace
Closest to Italy I will come (this month) - an authentic Venetian mask! from... wait for it... Pier 1!
Snow on pumpkins and mums is almost as weird as snow on sand at the beach, yeah?
Glittery fake eyelashes from Halloween Adventure (*that were seen by me and only me.) Thanks, snow.

Poley on his way to a Masquerade Ball (he's cooler than me, did you know?)
Ma petite fleur, Alina!
"Snraining" (snowing/raining)
A beautiful Halloween card from 2 very special people :)

A mask & a gift for Sara Liz's Mischief Night Birthday Party! (masks were required)
Opa in an Obama mask (See above^)
Home-made pumpkin protein bars from Mama Pea (mine are darker/grainier because I used scottish oats)

And in the spirit of Halloween, one of my favorite Broadway songs from Phantom of the Opera, "Masquerade"

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