Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Birthday Post for a Cool Ranch Gal

A picture of me and The Birthday Girl, isn't she gorgeous?

Home-made Dorito bags for...

Home-made Cool Ranch Doritos!!!
Some people like to make their friends birthday cakes for their birthdays. I say, who says? It's time to think out of the cake box... and step into the chip bag.

I would have made my best friend Elizabeth a birthday cake but after 12 years of knowing this girl I know one thing: she loves her chips. Her angel mother, who basically raised me and all of our other friends, always kept a stash of the Frito-Lay multi-pack assorted flavor chip box in the backroom of their basement. Countless sleepovers were spent munching our way through bags of Doritos (Cool Ranch being me and Elizabeth's favorite) while watching MTV and classic 80's movies - and in later years, watching the home videos we made at said sleepovers. (I would now like all of those videos burned.) At this point Elizabeth is not just a best friend - she's kin. She's the sister that I don't fight with (unless of course you count that one time we both wanted to wear the silky yellow tie-in-the-back shirt from Forever21 for New Years Eve that you probably couldn't even PAY either of us to wear today...) and the reason I have not yet boarded the Crazy Train to Crazyville, USA.

I will never forget how we became friends. It all started when Elizabeth invited me to her beach house one summer in Ocean City, New Jersey when we were 12 years old. Somewhere in between walks on the boardwalk, coming up with dance routines to 'N Sync's newest album "Celebrity," eating grilled cheese sandwiches (with what else, Cool Ranch Doritos), her teaching me how to properly wash my face and me teaching her how to straighten her beautiful curly hair (I don't think her mom has forgiven me for that one yet), falling in love with her older brother's friend as well as the Joe Boxer jersey-material sheet sets in our bed, we became best friends and have been ever since.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for being the coolest and best friend in the entire universe! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Now, time to rock out to Hannah Montana... (don't lie, you know you kinda want to...)

P.S. - Next post is dedicated to the making of the Home-made Cool Ranch Doritos!!!! Stay tuned

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