Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mushaboom Mondays

mushrooms in our neighbor's yard

cute mushroom family
Yes I realize today is Tuesday people (I haven't taken anymore Nyquil, thankyouverymuch) but I saw these mushrooms yesterday -- Monday -- and I liked the alliteration. And even though I am probably HIGHLY allergic to these wee little white fungi (and other things growing at this time which I have to thank for my recent bout of allergic attacks/congested head/swollen sore throat/mouth sores) I can't help but love them. I love them because they remind me of faraway worlds like the rolling, moist greens in Ireland where I believe small fairies and pixies use these mushrooms for little houses. I also imagine them being little springboard jumping pads for fairies like Crystal from Fern Gully (My . Favorite . Movie. Ever.) who live in lush rainforests like Hoh Rainforest in Washington state.

photo courtesy of adamthinks.com

I also love them because even though I dislike not being able to swallow or speak (thanks mouth sores) or sleep at night or breath through both nostrils at the same time, I like that their blooming may or may not have caused me to get sick which has forced me to slow down. To slow down just enough to, no not smell the roses (over-rated), but take pictures of the little mushrooms in all their funny, Super-Mario-world-like glory. Sometimes I like getting sick because it reminds me to slow down, to rest, to take care of myself and to treat myself gently like I would treat a little child. Sometimes when life gets really hectic and crazy I do just the opposite of what I reallly need to do (rest) and instead I drink more caffeine, get less sleep, take on more projects and end up burning myself out. And then my body or the natural world remind me that HELLOoOoOoOOOoo I am not a superhero and that I need to rest and take care of myself because what good is any of the work I do if I don't have a healthy body to do it in? The answer: no good (unless of course I am Casper.)

By the way I have no idea what "mushaboom" means or even if it is a real word but it's a real word to Feist and frankly that's all that matters to me.